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ADHD management

OzADHD offers a range of management options for patients diagnosed with ADHD in Australia, including:

  • Adults being diagnosed for the first time 

  • Patients who were diagnosed and treated before age 17 and now need to transition to an adult psychiatrist

  • Adults currently treated for ADHD who wish to explore new or different treatment options

In all cases, our Consultant Psychiatrists, Dr Vincent Leow and Dr Ivan Lakicevic provide thorough assessment and treatment. They ensure that prescribed medications and ADHD psychosocial interventions are appropriate to each patient. Ongoing communication with patients and their GPs is central to positive patient outcomes.

What we don't do 

OzADHD is not able to provide the following services.

  • Bulk billing. 

  • NDIS and Centrelink assessments 

  • Workcover assessments

  • Telepsychiatry services to Western Australian residents due to current legislation 

  • Best Interest of the Child assessments

  • Return to work/school

ADHD diagnosis

As practicing psychiatrists with over 30 years of experience and an interest in treating Adult ADHD, we believe our service pathway offers the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment and treatment combination.

Our guiding principles are patient-entered collaboration and internationally accepted best practice guidelines.

Things you need to know

  • A diagnosis of ADHD is not guaranteed

  • Medication is not a silver bullet – talk to us about other treatment options

  • Not all referrals will result in a telehealth consultation. We will let you and your GP know if this applies to you.

  • Patients will be required to sign a service agreement prior to beginning services. The service agreement explains the consent and confidentiality aspects of management or treatment and is a medical legal requirement.

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